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Memilog aims at helping you store your beautiful and worthy memories safely, for whenever you would want to relive those moments! We strive to create a balance between the private and social life of people, which, more often than not, tends to get overlapped. Now, not only is Memilog helping you save your memories for good; it is going to help you create some amazing ones too! You read that right! Memilog presents to you, what is going to be one heck of a lifetime experience, the Memilog Action Army!

about maa

*Loads machine gun* *takes aim* *shoots the crap outta the enemies* *background music* *dhann te naan*! “Hey watch out! You're crossing the LoC! You don't want to be ambushed by our soldiers!”

That is just how a typical day at the MemiOffice will look like after the inception of the Memilog Action Army. If you strive for some thrill in life, this is your chance!

MAA aka Memilog Action Army aspires to bridge the gap between college student communities and Memilog to innovate and create huge impacts (read brutal wars and bloodsheds *autocorrect*) on the society with your help and to make you get a first'-hand experience of handling how a company works. We prefer to call these students the soldiers. Plus the Victorious ones will be suitably rewarded and also, boxed up with the medals pinned to their chest and sent home if they die a martyr! So Buck up soldiers! The battle field calls.”

We plan to create a one-of-its-own-kind platform for soldiers to display their talents (how well can you aim at your enemy's head?), intelligence (how well can you read your enemy's movements?) and work skills (you gotta polish your own guns!) Now, as exaggerated as it may sound, we ensure that MAA will go far as imparting over you the responsibility of handling its workflow and administration if you prove to be a worthy and dedicated soldier! And no! We aren't asking for life sacrifices. All we ask for is sincerity with a splash of Craziness!

What to do

Once we gather ample number of soldiers from different colleges, which hereafter shall be called as regiments, MAA takes the responsibility of selecting a Colonel from each regiment, for each regiment, to lead his/her regiment. We will decide the selection criteria depending on how active soldiers have been in their regiments. So buck up, load some guns, deploy your troops, kill some enemies, erect a flag and mark your territory!

The Colonel's right over his regiment is as authentic and genuine as the right of a president over his/her nation. Kudos if you get to be the one! With rights though, come many duties. A regiment has to conduct different events- read wars - and come up with new innovative ideas to be up there among the best regiments. Regiments are supposed to conduct various events, either in their colleges or anywhere outside, every month. Basically, regiments from different colleges will be at war with each other and aim at emerging as the best regiment of the month. Events depend on the various interests of the soldiers within a regiment. They may vary from technical events to marketing, design and other events. The events should more or less revolve around the core idea of Memilog.


Now why would one waste time in some army when there are a million college assignments to complete!
Here’s why. Read on!

1. You get to be a part of the Memilog Core Team if you prove yourself to be deserving of it and get to contribute to the development of Memilog as a whole.

2. Now, how often have you thought of something and applied it in practical? Come up with your own innovative ideas and execute them. Explore, Excel and Be Crazy is the mantra here!

3. Choose a field of your interest to work in. Be it coding, designing, management, marketing, etc. Moreover, if you happen to be good at what you do, who knows, we might be able to guide you to other companies in need of the skills you possess!

4. College students gain a lot of exposure with the help of the network we have by attending our startup events.

5. Cool fancy merchandise/swag at your disposal, guys! There’s a whole list – T-shirts, stickers, banners, tankers, name plates, rank stars and what not!

6. You get Rewards and Recognition for the work you do. We also give certificates to the registered soldiers.

7. Best ideas will be featured on the Memilog page on Facebook. Now who wouldn’t want recognition and fame!


Pull up your socks, get your guns ready and dare to be one of these!


1. Keep the Memilog Core Team updated about the events being organised by the soldiers.

2. Recruit as many soldiers as you can to make an undefeatable Regiment.

3. Every colonel shall be given access to write a blog on the event they did to get the approval from the Memilog core team.

4. Be the Colonel Of the Month and get a cool merchandise at your own disposal.


1. Feel free to organise any kind of events and activities in/outside your college community to promote awareness about Memilog.

2. Contribute to Memilog with the your field of expertise (coding, programming, website designing, content writing, etc to make our website and facebook pages active.)

3. Never miss the golden opportunity to go and participate in startup events to represent Memilog.

4. Take down the other soldiers(by successfully organising a perfect event) , be the Soldier of the Month and get all the Swag!

We’re done! If you’re interested and if you think you’re fit enough to be carrying heavy bombs in your backpacks and surviving the heat in the field, then go ahead and fill out the form! Good luck to you, you’ll need that a lot!

join MAA/Form A Regiment